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Game List

String Us Together

Mystery/light horror visual novel with psychological and philosophical themes


Eight people find themselves in a death game full of mazes where they can inflict their personality traits on each other to gain an advantage.

The winner is promised a secure future, and any single piece of information they desire...

The Candles Breathe

Small spooky visual novel


A glimpse is all you can ever get, a brief glance into the world behind each door, behind each person's guarded eyes. Those worlds are not for you. Those doors are made to protect against you. But even if all the people of the Earth turn you away, you have no choice but to seek them out. You have no choice but to take what is rightfully theirs. You, the Wandering Vampire.

Glass Rooms

Interactive short story


In a world where pandemics occur every ten years, will you choose to ruminate by yourself, or spend some time with a friend?

Assume Survival

Survival adventure visual novel


You wake up on a mountain covered in deep snow, confused and disoriented after the plane crash that left you stranded here. Unsure of what to do, you check your phone for service and find, predictably, that you have none. You do, however, have something else; someone else's phone with a specially designed app that can predict the future, one choice at a time. There are many possibilities to consider, but the program makes one thing very clear: your chances of survival once darkness falls are slim to none, and time passes far faster than you think.

You have six hours until the last light of dusk vanishes below the horizon.

Can you survive?


Simulation visual novel


You've just been hired as a part time night shift worker at a local conservatory for bats. The conservatory is equipped with state of the art technology that allows for communication between humans and bats! Your job is to watch over them from midnight to six, and make sure they are given food and water and are played with. If you keep them happy, things just might go well for you! And if not... well, who knows what such creatures of the night might be planning...


Dating sim visual novel


Candy and Dame really love otomes! Their friends, however, think it's a bit of a weird hobby.

That's why they're more than a bit surprised when they find out that their friends have planned a real life otome for their birthday. With two friends as masterminds and five as love interests for the day, they're left to the game of trying to win their hearts!

That Bitter Taste

Horror dating sim visual novel


Lane's daily life as a mortician is busy; there's always new "guests" to receive into the morgue, bodies to cremate and embalm, funerals to arrange, distraught family members to comfort… at the end of the day, he just wants to sit down with his television and a drink.

Unfortunately, things are never quite as easy as that. Lane is sick, and not in any particularly simple way; he has an otherwise unheard of condition, one that causes his body to be deficient in certain proteins only found in human flesh. To put it gently… his choice of profession was no coincidence.

His only hope is an old legend that he has held onto throughout his life: The one who loves you can save you, if only you can receive them. He doesn't know where it came from, or what it means, but it may prove to be a greater burden than he can afford to bear…


Light horror visual novel


In a world full of wastelands, you wander out from your home one day and come upon a carnival with towering walls, haunted by stories of Shadows and Spirits, of danger and ruin. Though you are afraid, you feel inexplicably drawn inside because, after all…

You have a wish.